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1160 Wien


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High negotiating skills

Negotiations are an essential key element of our work. We know how much depends on them, so our team is focused on developing that ability. We systematically learn through courses, education, and workshops. We analyze market trends and broaden our knowledge of law and finances. We do this to represent your interests with pride.

At Ruby Real Estate, customer satisfaction is our priority

Well informed

Coping with real estate can mean a lot of paperwork, bureaucracy, effort and, risk.
That is why it is important to be well-informed, secure and have everything well planned.
Ruby Real Estate will guide you through every step of buying, selling or renting, providing all the resources and services you need.
You can count on our support!


We believe that a better life begins at home, which should inspire and stimulate dreams.
We are open and eager to carry out your projects.
We know that real estate is also connected to emotions, that's why we understand your fears and wishes.
RUBY REAL ESTATE is your competent partner, we offer help and advice.