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Houses for 1€

The so-called "Houses for 1 Euro" are an interesting offer for people who want to buy a property in the charming corners of Italy. Municipalities that are depopulated and are tying their hopes of new residents are announcing contests for the purchase of such properties with a starting price of 1 EUR. These are abandoned or completely destroyed houses that are suitable for renovation or demolition work. The buyer must pay a deposit of 5,000 euros (returnable) and undertake to renovate the house within a specified period, usually within 3 years (The renovation costs vary depending on many factors such as standard or area However, you can renovate a house in southern Italy for a reasonable price from 20,000 euros.)


What can you rely on when working with Ruby Real Estate?


1. We find the offers that best suit your needs.

2. You get the help of a team of professionals offered throughout the property purchase process:

- Choice of the best notary

- Submission of an offer to buy a house for 1 euro

- Translation of documents

- Regulation of the content of mortgage and mortgage registers

- contact with officials

- Clarification of all tax issues


If you have any questions, we look forward to hearing from you!